Coeur d’Alene, ID

A city of 40,000 and focused on robotics our IC Community in CDA has been grown over 5 years and has generated significant economic growth for the town. Most importantly this IC community has changed lives of many and serves as a model for our other cities across the country.

Utica, NY

This inspiring town in the middle of upstate New York is primed for a revolution. Our IC team and the incredibly supportive local community are working to connect local people with the transformative IC process and these scrappy New Yorkers are transforming their community one person at a time.

Spokane, WA

The second largest city in Washington State, Spokane has a long history of manufacturing, education and healthcare. This vibrant and growing city is quicly becoming a powerhouse for innovation.

North Las Vegas, NV

North Las Vegas is not the Las Vegas you think you know! This scrappy city is full of people who work hard, dream big, and know how to make something out of nothing! IC is incredibly excited to watch the transformation of the industrious members of this growing community.

Brooksville, FL

Ideally located 40 minutes north west of Tampa, FL, Brooksville and the Hernando County area are poised for significant growth. Our team is in the midst of a mapping program where we look at the opportunities and challenges that the region face with a goal of building an IC community for the area.

What we are working on…

Stamford, CT

We are passionate about Stamford and the work that the entire state is doing to energize its citizens. We are looking toward the opportunity to engage deeper with Stamford in Q2 of 2020.

Reno, NV

A lot of attention is focused on Reno, NV right now. A significant distribution hub, a focal point for real estate development and an inspiring innovative community have brought IC into discussions.

Anaheim, CA

Orange County California is a region that is home to some of the largest corporations in the world. As well, it is geographically spread very wide with economic disparity like many large cities. We are working with local leaders to focus work and begin developing the innovation community.

Phoenix, AZ

Did you know that Phoenix AZ generates most of the clean energy for the state of California? We didn’t until we got to know the leaders in the community. IC is working to establish a footprint locally to engage the citizens and local leaders.

Syracuse, NY

This sleeping giant of a city has so much to offer the world. Representing upstate NY Syracuse has a highly effective leadership team focused on energizing the region. We hope to be part of this transformative movement that will forever shape the future of Syracuse.

Want an IC in your town?