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I was suddenly aware of a very alive, passionate, hungry fellowship of neighbors from all ages and walks of life with a desire to ignite a movement of prosperity in my community….and I wanted to contribute to it.

D. Jesaitus
New York


 I think the innovation Den is a wonderful and great positive energy flowing environment tribe. It is definitely a network of electricity and flowing energy. A bunch of people gathering together for the innovation of life to find the special spark in each and one of us.I truly love to be there and to hear people that have truly and life from nothing to making it Big!!!

K. Patterson


Wow! Innovation Collective Winter Summit was more than spectacular; it was extraordinary! I made wonderful connections with the most genuine people. I harnessed my super powers to speak openly about my passions. My words and presence was received with inspiration and gratitude, in which nothing quite compares. So, I left last night feeling overwhelmingly inspired. All I could muster was the word WOW!

T. Parker
New York


The charismatic heartbeat of IC is a huge draw for me. Gives me something very powerful and substantive to riff off of in my own thinking and acting. You guys are the tide that floats everyone’s boat. The opportunity to meet cool, intelligent, focused, and sometimes like- minded (but not TOO like-minded, which could be boring) people in a non-political, non- religious context is the secondary huge draw for me.

S. Parmelee

We create a community of curiosity.

Our local online and offline experience establish safe channels for interaction, information and inspiration. This accelerates recovery and builds economic resiliency.





IC activates people

Our rigorous and award winning programming is comprised of free and paid events that are designed to engage and connect the audience.

IC activates places

Our strategy is to turn underutilized spaces into a destination for innovation. What results is a thriving place and a new economic engine for the community.

The IC Ecosystem

Our network, modernized workforce training, and access to capital seamlessly plug into to each city’s existing ecosystem of education programs and economic development network.

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What people are saying

“Like someone opened the window and let in a breath of fresh air. Wonderful panel of extraordinary young people who have not only already accomplished so much but who spoke from a wisdom and a sensibility well beyond their years as champions for elevating the human experience.“

S. Jones, NY

“I am very Impressed with innovation collectives movement to help the community and each other as well as provide free Professional advice to help other people and organization to succeed. Innovation Collective is a unique organization to reach out to our community. Thank you for what you are doing.”

C. Booth, ID

“Innovation Collective and their team has brought a sense of excitement and new energy that the area hasn’t seen in years! Their vision and passion for helping entrepreneurs take important steps forward is contagious!”

J. Wicks, NY