Innovation Collective


We are a global community of local networks where humans find connection, inspiration, accountability, and education in a rapidly changing world.


Our Story

Who We Are

We are unleashing human potential and we will not stop! In the last 5 years we have hosted over 700 events and have traveled to over 60 communities across the world with one goal, unleash human potential by repairing community and capitalism.
Our proprietary model focuses on activating citizens through a series of in person events and online softwares. The result is a series of geography specific online/offline networks filled with confident, creative, and focused humans obsessed with solving problems for a specific industry. Each town becomes the “Loonshot” (Thank you Safi for that word) laboratory for a whole industry.

Everyone Wins

Who Wins?

It is time communities around the world lock arms and march together toward a healthier and happier future. We have built the model.


People are happier as they create together. People are hopeful as they strive to make things that will change their world and whole industries. People are confidant in themselves as they ship their dreams that positively impact others.


Governments are shocked as companies are started. Governments are pleased as investment dollars flow into their towns. Governments are excited as their cities out perform expectations.


Educators are pleased as citizens seek more knowledge. Educators are appreciative of the support from the community. Educators are in awe of corporate partnerships that provide education to industry alignments.

Real Estate

All that to say, many questions are being asked about modern capitalism. We do not have all the answers, however we have spent 5 years pioneering a model that inclusively transforms the lives of many in communities. This results in activated real estate, increased tax base, the creation of industry changing technology, and most importantly… humans who feel alive.


Brands are in disbelief that a city they had never heard of could create something so game changing. Brands are confused at the reasonable valuations. Brands are pleased to learn that untrained, scrappy, and inspired humans are dangerously talented at creating solutions they had overlooked. (Folks who change their own oil and fix appliances think different and often better, than the PHD)

So What Now?

All That To Say…

All that to say, many questions are being asked about modern capitalism and we do not have all the answers. However we have spent 5 years pioneering a model that inclusively transforms the lives of many in communities that felt left behind, transforms real estate, increasing the tax base, and develops industry changing technology.

Join Us

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