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Creative Community is a way of life.

Amish patel

“Being in an IC community has enabled me to meet investors, artists, thinkers, designers and entrepreneurs – many of whom have became part of my ventures over the years. Watching how IC transforms a community is incredible. I hope that over the years I’ve given back to IC a fraction of what I feel like I have received.”

Jayme Dolan

“IC has literally given me my life back. I have created a unique, senior-focused non-profit and the reason we exist is directly related to the contacts I’ve made through IC. Also, I've been able to build an army of men and women who are as passionate about making ours the best community it can be as I am.”

Joel Stratton

“IC has given me the chance to connect with other like-minded individuals and fully heal. I feel like, in return, I’ve been able to inspire other members of the community by my willingness to never give up. I hope I’ve showed people who are anxious about reaching outside of their comfort zone that it can be done.”

John Ryan

"Being a member of IC has provided me with a place and a group of people interested in making the world a better place with whom I’ve made great connections and friendships. I have been able to spread the word about IC’s positive message and mission. My business has grown in a way that makes me smile."


Science backed process of change that helps create the tomorrow you want, through community today.
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Three Creative Community Examples

Innovation Logo SVG Brooksville
IC Brooksville is a community between Tampa Bay and Orlando designing the future of aging. We are business owners, engineers, artists, and students working on nutrition, finance, housing, health tech, memory tech and more.
Innovation Logo SVG Coeur d´Alene
IC Coeur d’Alene has been quietly shaping the future of robotics and AI for years and is now a center for breakthrough innovation. We brought our big ideas to life and think you should too.
Innovation Logo SVG Victoria
IC Victoria is a community in the heart of Texas full of inspired individuals pioneering new approaches to energy and agriculture. Together, we’re building a brighter future.

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