Turning Napkin Ideas Into a Product Takes a Team

Originally published
August 18, 2022
Nick Smoot
Most people think of product management as a role someone or a team in a large corporation plays. But in small businesses or startups, it is a “role” the whole company often pitches in to play.

Right now my company, Here On Biz, is only a small team but we are doing business deals that large corporations are envious of.
Having a product development lifecycle that aligns with your vision and customers' needs is a challenge.
Effective product management contains multiple pieces involving planning, forecasting, and marketing.

Planning the Product

Forecasting Results

Marketing the Product

All of this to say if you can create a culture of product management in your small startup team, you are better off than having one person hold this role on their own.

What are some great product management resources you love to use with your team?

Photos: Robert Banh/Flickr; Here on Biz app on a Virgin America flight; Nick Smoot with Gavin Newsom (left)

Originally published
February 17, 2014