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What’s Happening?

Taylor Brose is Utica’s Community Manager, feel free to email him if you have questions. taylor@innovationcollecitve.co

As Innovation Collective rolls out its three-year program to help every human in Utica discover and build their dreams, we will be hosting a ton of events that you will definitely want to plug into. Here are a few you should put on your calendar:

May Fireside Chat: Karen Sammon

Once a month we host an evening that will inspire you and help you dream bigger, and expand your thinking!

On May 13th, at 6pm our Fireside Chat guest is Karen Sammon! Come hear Karen’s incredible journey.

Karen Sammon, an Accomplished and Dynamic CEO, Management Executive, and Board Member with a successful record of spearheading turnarounds, high growth, and M&As through vision, strategy, and organizational structures development. Steers business and operational model transitions – increasing market share, gross revenue, and EBITDA, enabling organizations to scale. A values-driven leader who exceeds business growth projections through stronger employees, leaders, partners, products, and technology.

Fireside Chats are evenings of storytelling and inspiration in various locations throughout the community…And we even give away free wine, beer, and soft drinks. It’s like a party that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to build your dreams! During this time, however, we have moved all our events online.

For more information email: taylor@innovationcollective.co

This month’s fireside chat hosted via a zoom meeting. Click RSVP to register.

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