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Imagine walking into an old estate and greeting 30 industry leaders for an invite only think tank.
Great minds that have won the X Prize, 30 year veterans from Microsoft, scrappy startup founders who are reshaping industries, and policy makers who are crafting laws that shape the future.
Why are you all in the room?
To discuss the future of an industry you love. One that you have spent countless hours researching and disrupting.
Why is this in a random town you have likely never been to? Because, Innovation Collective has been turning cities, just like this one, into city wide incubators for that serve full industry verticals. The town hosting this think tank likely has more people per capita caring about your industry and working on projects that could reshape your future than any other city in the world.
Does this sound interesting to you? Good. Come join us, just like leaders from Boeing, Starship, SpaceX, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, GE, and many others have. Apply here to participate as an expert in our Think Tanks.

Often, these think tanks happen a day before a city wide celebration of the local innovation focus and a speaker series called; Think Big Festival. Commonly, attendees of the Think Tank will stay the extra day and some even choose to speak as industry mentors to the locals who are creating innovations to serve the industry.

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