Unlocking Magic

We’ve developed a process to get your big ideas into the world!

IC Venture Studio

IC Venture Studio is a process we’ve developed to unlock magic in creators, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Collectively, our team has been advising, investing in, or building startups for over 50 years! In this time we have earned our battle scars and war wounds by making mistakes and once and a while we’ve hit the grand slam. Each of these moments have become crucial lessons to building and scaling a company. These lessons are what we want to pass along to the members of our leadership community as you as you venture down the road of building your startup and most importantly. We are excited to join you on a journey of discovery that gives you confidence to grow or launch your company and yourself into the future!

The venture studio has been set up into two phases:


Phase 1: This 8 week interactive course will set you up for the right mindset, direction, team construct, and product plan. During your 8 weeks, you will have a mentorship experience with one of our veteran startup mentors and a chance at the end to join our phase 2 studio. Phase 1 is included at no cost into your membership in the IC Leadership Community.


Phase 2: This ongoing partnership is designed to have our national staff and mentor pool unlock doors, set up meetings, and see around corners. There is no designed curriculum, just a team of startup veterans who help you “push the car” as you drive into the future. Phase 2 is only offered to those who have completed phase 1 and are ICLC members. Upon applying to phase 2, our staff reviews the application and sets up a meeting. We will only accept startups into phase 2 if we are confident we can add immense value and we believe in the startup/team. For this portion of the studio, there is a contract signed between IC and the startup forming an strategic advisory agreement.

Below you will see a video that gives a bit more color on the process:

Want to get started? Start by telling us about your big idea!

Our first phase 1 session is planned for mid December 2020.