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The Magic of the IC Community

IC is a human capital and education company. Through curated events, mentorship, corporate partnerships, and IC software we create grass roots social experiences that help to unlock people’s potential.

Our communities become a destination for innovation, have high levels of social and intellectual engagement and most importantly, deliver economic stimulation to economies by inspiring people to educate themselves.

Over the last 5 years we have found that each city we get involved with, large or small, has a shared interest that brings the people together. Identifying this shared interest is the secret to supercharging the community and we turn this into a vertical of expertise for the town.

Our corporate partners play a key role in the development of the community. With your involvement we are able to offer activities, resources and guidance that has much greater value than the membership dues for the community members.

But, the magic of IC for our corporate partners is that by inspiring the community we also drive value back to our partners in the following areas:

Community Engagement
– Social Awareness
– Corporate Social Responsibility

Market Activation
– Strategic Relationships
– Brand Awareness

Strategic Partnerships
– Expanded Supplier Network
– Product and Service Development
– Early Venture Access (Deal Flow)

Thought Leadership
– Grass Roots Insight
– Decentralized R&D
– Cross Industry Perspectives

Our robotics and AI focused city has produced some of the most significant startups in the space that have impacted the display, manufacturing, baking, and human services space. Companies like Walmart, Apple, and Boeing have taken meaningful notice of the innovations coming out of the city.


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