IC Community Events

These events are curated for each of our communities and follow the IC method for community transformation.

Fireside Chats

Speaker series that interviews local entrepreneurs. This event reminds participants that all people can do incredible things regardless of where you live.

IC guides fascinating story tellers — including local entrepreneurs, civic leaders, educators, politicians, journalists, and citizens — through their life’s journey to share vulnerable moments of triumph, failure, and wisdom. Speakers also offer up practical advice for how to address personal and professional challenges. Afterwards, attendees mingle over free beverages for purposeful networking and inspired dialogue.

Coffee & Concepts

Innovation is often seen as the realm of the elite, the brilliant, or the privileged. Yet some of the most incredible ideas have come from ordinary people who were given both the encouragement and opportunity to become extraordinary.

Coffee & Concepts fosters that same spirit by gathering people in a relaxed social setting and encouraging them to brainstorm about the opportunities and challenges they see in their communities. Participants don’t need a tech background or even a formal education. We only require a hunger to learn more about the world and a spirit that encourages others to chase their dreams.

Our meetings start with a focus on the latest global, national, and local tech news that may impact the future of their industries. This often leads to a group discussion of possible new products or services.

In the second half of the meeting, participants take turns presenting a business concept and ask for input on next steps, such as advice or a need for partners. Meanwhile, supportive attendees offer up industry knowledge or other professionals who might be helpful in advancing the idea.



Think of these as a 2 day summer camp for adults. Laugh, learn, play and party with some of the most interesting people on the planet. We usually kick off on Friday Evening with stories from our features speakers, and end the night with drinks and cigars in the Lair (private club in The Innovation Den). Saturday Morning brings coffee and pastries and a second time with our speakers. This is usually VERY practical, interview style sessions with plenty of time for Q&A. Lunch is provided and we always do something fun in the afternoon like Wine tasting, Trips to Harrison, Hiking, etc. We let our attendees explore and team up for dinner followed by another evening session and a big party at the end to wind up the weekend. Past Speakers have included executives from companies like: SpaceX, Facebook, Microsoft, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez International, IBM, Hasbro, Virgin America, Autodesk, SAP, Boston Consulting Group, Telemundo, and many others.

Think Big Festival

The Think Big Festival is a three-day celebration that gathers a community’s citizens to explore the innovations and opportunities related to their vertical and
gives them access to coveted industry experts. Events
include a private concert, hands-on carnival of products

and services related to the vertical, and TED Talk-like remarks on the latest trends and challenges affecting industry.

We also gather our speakers and corporate executives for a private gathering — IC Think Tank — where IC entrepreneurs engage in conversations about vertical innovations and how local companies are working to address them. Also included are area non-profits who present their unique challenges and brainstorm on how tech solutions might solve them. In the tech world, these sessions are called “hack-a-thons,” and they’re incredibly dynamic.

Finally, festival-goers enjoy Tech Parties where local companies within the vertical show off their businesses and related products. This has been particularly inspirational for outside industry leaders who aren’t accustomed to finding innovations in nontraditional markets.