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The New American Dream Facotory

Innovation Collective is on an aggressive mission to repair community and capitalism in our world. This podcast tells the stories from the various communities in which the IC Model is deployed.


About The New American Dream Factory

Innovation Collective is not only changing the way that we look at Community and Capitalism…We are repairing both. For many, the thought of being able to build innovative technology in a supportive commuity of people who are supporting and helping one another  sounds like a myth. It is in fact, a reality in the communities where we are deploying our model. This podcast shares the stories of how we are changing the future, one human being at a time.

Latest Episode

What’s In a Name

In this inaugural episode, Nick Smoot and Chris Cochran explore the origins of IC, tell some stories about people activating their human capital, and talk about why it’s called Innovation Collective.

Episode 1    |    38min

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Meet The Host

Nick Smoot

Nick Smoot

Nick Smoot is the founder and CEO of Innovation Collective. For the last 4 years they have been running an experiment to repair community and capitalism. Nick believes the wheels of capitalism are a bit wobbly due to pressures we didn’t expect, such as a thing called the internet.

Now with 9 communities in the world running the IC model and 5 buildings either occupied or in development, they are having too much fun building what he calls, “American Dream Factories”. Many of the projects are in very unlikely locations, yet the communities they deploy in are producing some of the most significant new startups. Google named one of the cities as a digital capital citing the work of Innovation Collective. Milken Institute listed their most mature project as creating impact and assiting as the city shot up to number 5 on the “top performing small cities” report, and Brookings has cited a city they deployed in as having more startups per capita than any other city in the state by nearly 2x. Nick has a goal of building a new way in the world for humans to connect, experience abundance, find joy, and be creative.

Nick is a Milken Institute Young Leader and was a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council. He has been interviewed for or contributed to Bloomberg, Forbes, USA Today, Fast Company, Mashable, Virgin, Inc. Magazine and Huffington Post. He has been a speaker for SXSW, BBC, VentureBeat, Rise of the Rest, and A-Tech.

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