Innovation Collective Leadership Community (ICLC)

This is part of a national movement IC started where people join a committed community of like minded people that come together to learn secrets that help them grow or start companies. We focus heavily on training ourselves to “unlock superpowers” through a series of events, weekend experiences, work spaces, and softwares.

ICLC membership includes access to:

    • Growth Groups- 

      • Phase 1- This 8 week interactive course will set you up for the right mindset, direction, team construct, and product plan. During your 8 weeks, you will have a mentorship experience with one of our veteran startup mentors.

      • Phase 2- This ongoing partnership is designed to have our national staff and mentor pool unlock doors, set up meetings, and see around corners. There is no designed curriculum, just a team of startup veterans who help you “push the car” as you drive into the future. Phase 2 is only offered to those who have completed phase 1 and are ICLC members. Upon applying to phase 2, our staff reviews the application and sets up a meeting. We will only accept startups into phase 2 if we are confident we can add immense value and we believe in the startup/team. For this portion of the studio, there is a contract signed between IC and the startup forming an strategic advisory agreement.

      • Great 8– An 8 week small group gathering where members use software and curriculum to explore who they want to become and the 8 things that are either boosting them toward that goal or slowing them down.

      • Venture Studio

      • Explore– An 8 week small group gathering where the focus is on questions that are formulated to create meaningful and intelligent discussions about the quarterly book (included with membership) we give to our leadership community.

  • Leadership Summits- a two day training experience with world renowned leaders who join local ICLC communities to share secrets of life and business. These leadership experiences mix in very personal storytelling, parties, and startup pitch sessions.

  • VIP Think Big Experience- during Think Big Festival, the three day innovation festival in the local IC community, ICLC members have access to smaller private events with the speakers and think tank experts who travel to town.

  • Collaborative Workspace- We all need a place to belong, hangout, work, etc and since we have such a strong community of awesome people, we build spaces, partner with others, and create a way to run into each other as we work on our companies and dive into all the ICLC experiences.

ICLC: Full Creative Access
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In addition to the above, you will have access to our private club, The Lair, during business hours Monday – Friday (limit 2 guests). You will also be able to book any of our 4 conference rooms (1.5-hour slots) and have 24/7 access to the co-working space. You also have the opportunity to get full lair membership at a reduced rate that includes 24/7 access and a locker.

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