IC Memberships

Community Member



Entry level membership. Free to join. Get access to Coffee & Concepts, Fireside Chats, a regular news letter, an invite only Community Facebook Group.

IC Motivate


$7 /mo

Perfect for those who want access to Innovation Collective but don’t live in an area where we have launched an Innovation Collective yet. Get discounted invites to weekend Leadership Summits, Access to book club books, a monthly Insider Email.

IC Train



For those in an Innovation Collective community or those who want to travel to one for specific events we have IC: Train. IC: Train includes all of the benefits of Community Members, and IC: Motivate but in addition receive half price access to weekend Leadership Summits, 2 free books per year, half price Think Big Festival Tickets, 1 request per year for access to an industry leader in our network, an invite to a monthly unwind in cities where we have them and an exclusive monthly leadership podcast.

IC Leadership Network



For those who live in an Innovation Collective community, the IC: Leadership Network offers the best value and access. Including all of the benefits of Community Member, Motivate, and Train, IC: Leadership Network also gives individuals and a guest access to Co-Working Space, Conference Rooms, Free weekend Summits, Free VIP Think Big Festival Tickets, Exclusive Parties, 4 network requests per year, a quarterly SNAP Session (resource and solutions), Monthly Unwinds, Access to Various properties around town, and pop up summits with various industry leaders.

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