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Like-Minded People – Interesting Opportunities – Exclusive Access


Developing Your Best Self

Tools and Access That Will Unlock Your Potential

Think of IC: Leadership Network as a nation-wide network of likeminded people combined with interesting opportunities to have exclusive access to other successful business people. All while getting to meet some amazing humans along the way that you may not otherwise have access to. All of this while growing personally and professionally.

The IC: Leadership Network has multiple levels that allow you to get as involved as you would like. Some of the benefits of the network are:
– A Private Facebook Group
– Monthly Live Video with Nick Smoot
– Private Summits
– VIP Tickets to Think Big Festival
– Great 8 Development Sprints
– Books (4 per year)
– Book Club
– Network Requests (get access to our network of connections)
– Pop Up Summits
– Special IC: Leadership Network (Unplugged) Leadership Podcast
– Insider Email
– SNAP Sessions (Community Resource Connections)
– Monthly Unwinds

Additionally there are additional amenities included at the different levels in the various communities we are in:
– Co-Working
– Meeting Facilities
– Art Gallary Access
– Gym/Pool Access

To find out what specifically is available in your area just click the “Get Going” button at the bottom of this page and let us help you discover Leadership Network level is the right fit for you!

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