Welcome to the IC: Leadership Network


Creating a better tomorrow through community today!


Developing Your Best Self

Welcome to the beginning of a new you!

The philosophy behind The ICLN is to provide our Innovation Collective Community with opportunities to grow, personally and professionally and release the magic in side of them.

The best way to grow is to take advantage of and engage with the events we host for you. We work to bring to you the best and the brightest in industry for summits, Think Big Festivals, leadership trainings and more.

Please take note that membership to The Lair private club is NOT included in ICLN membership. If you would like more information on Lair membership or office spaces available for leasing, feel free to email doug@innovationden.co and he will get you squared away.

ICLN Members have exclusive access to several experiences you will want to take part in:

3 Weekend Long Private Summits:

Think of these as a 2 day summer camp for adults. Laugh, learn, play and party with some of the most interesting people on the planet. We usually kick off on Friday Evening with stories from our features speakers, and end the night with drinks and cigars in the Lair (private club in The Innovation Den). Saturday Morning brings coffee and pastries and a second time with our speakers. This is usually VERY practical, interview style sessions with plenty of time for Q&A. Lunch is provided and we always do something fun in the afternoon like Wine tasting, Trips to Harrison, Hiking, etc. We let our attendees explore and team up for dinner followed by another evening session and a big party at the end to wind up the weekend. Past Speakers have included executives from companies like: SpaceX, Facebook, Microsoft, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez International, IBM, Hasbro, Virgin America, Autodesk, SAP, Boston Consulting Group, Telemundo, and many others.

Great 8

“The Great 8”: There are 8 areas of life that affect everything we do, but unfortunately do not come with an instruction manual. They are areas like Vision, Health, Relationships, Money, Confidence, Focused Effort, Community, & Fun that we should all be recalibrating in our lives at an ever constant to help with our human flourishing and evolution. Three times a year we take small group participants lead by a leader in our organization, on a journey to discover what they are “becoming” in this season of life as viewed through the lens of these 8 areas of focus.

Co-Working at The Innovation Den

As part of your ICLN Membership you can use the Co-Working spaces from 7AM to 6PM 7 days a week! Come get inspired by the energy of this one-of-a-kind hub for innovation! ICLN members can pop into conference rooms from time to time for phone calls or conversations if available, however these are reserved for office tenants accessibility.

You will get a secret code to access the gates and a private wifi network for Den Members.


Quarterly Arts and Culture Nights

Our Community Partner Art Spirit Gallery will introduce community artisans and discussions around Creative Placemaking, Expanding our Creative Capacity In Life and Work, Cultivating Our Creative Genius, and Building Capacity for Creative Community Development.

VIP Tickets to Think Big Festival

Think Big Festival is a 3 day Festival celebrating our towns focus on robotics and AI. Your VIP ticket gets you reserved seating, access to exclusive parties with the experts and benefits at the events. For ICLN members this is absolutely Free!

Quarterly SNAP Sessions

Imagine getting the most well connected individuals in our community together to present whatever it is they are working on and having a time to open up a community rolodex and make introductions, find resources and direct opportunities! This is what a SNAP session is. ICLN Members gather over drinks and present what problems they are trying to solve. What their solution is for the problem. Why their solution is better than the others out there. And what they need to get to the next level and then the group gives them leads introductions and solutions for what they need. It’s fun, fast paced and very inspiring.

Other IC City Events:

As an ICLN member you will always get access to other Innovation Collective Cities and their events hand have the opportunity to visit the cities and participate in their events just like you are a local member. Imagine finding out that your business hero is speaking at an event in an IC City in California, New York, Nevada, or Washington. Your ICLN membership gets you into these events free of charge! As we grow the ability to travel, connect, and learn grows.

Exclusive Access to The Innovation Collective: Leadership Network Podcast

Once a month we will explore various leadership trends, principals and the basics of what helps us to be not only great entrepreneurs and leaders but the highest potential humans we can possibly be. These podcasts may be an interview, thought from our leadership team or even input from one of the world changers Innovation Collective is connected with. We will look at topics like: tenacity, vision, self-talk, ruthlessness, and all of the personal and professional development topics that will make ICLN Members successful, regardless of the dream they are pursuing. These podcasts will be delivered monthly directly to your inbox!


Monthly Fireside Chats:

Fireside Chats are evenings we share with our community the humans behind our local entrepreneurs. Each of them has authentic stories of climbing, falling, pivoting, and rebuilding, both personally and professionally. Come get inspired to elevate your human game.

4 Curated Books a Year

As a community we read through four books a year as a group. These books are carefully chosen to be of the most benefit to our tribe of nerds. Many of them are from the speakers that we have at our Summits or Fireside Chats.

Bi-Monthly Coffee & Concepts:

Coffee and Concepts is a morning where we share in coffee, connection and tech news. We get our nerd on and discuss all things tech, share concepts we are working on within our own ventures and lean on each other for feedback and suggestions. Come be apart of creating ripples of momentum towards turning big ideas into reality.

New for 2020 - Community Partners!

We’ve been working hard with a bunch of local companies who want to honor you for your efforts into creating the best version of you! So they are giving all ICLN Members discounts and all you have to do to receive them is show them your black member card!

Below is a list of the all the perks:

360 Fitness
ICLN members shall be offered a “Month to Month Membership” at a reduced membership rate of $35.00 per month (standard membership is $50), with a $10.00 initial scan card fee.)
Wellness Bar
*ICLN members get 20% off all purchases at the CDA, Hayden and PF Wellness Bar locations
*ICLN members can enjoy “Wellness Wednesdays” with a free 16oz juice at the CDA Wellness Bar location
Renew Aesthetics and IV Hydration Bar
ICLN will receive 15% off any service provided in the IV room at Renew Aesthetics and Hydration Bar. Shot packages and IV monthly membership not included in discount. Deliver 100% of the fluid, electrolytes, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. Gives you energy that lasts for days, keeps you healthy, and allows you to perform your best. Your life, just better.
Blackwell Hotel
Blackwell Hotel to offer ICLN members 15% off rooms throughout the year at any time and “Custom discounts available for venue rental space, depending on gathering needs.” *No more use of gym and hot tub.
Rustic will offer ICLN members 15% off their purchases
Growler Guys
Growler Guys 15% off purchases (excluding merchandise) for ICLN
Mavericks. 10% of haircuts for ICLN
Beyond Bones
Beyond Bones New Patient Exam is $150, ICLN members will get for $50, saving them $100
CK Collab
CK Collab “Free 30 Minute Consultation for web/app development needs. A $100 value.”
Women’s Impact Network
25% off annual memberships for ICLN members
The Path Hot Yoga
20% off classes for ICLN members

Please feel free to enjoy all The Collective has to offer and by all means engage with our events and fellow members. The members are people you need to meet there and they also need to find out who you are. You never know what connections you will make.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can email us at: kristin@innovationcollective.co