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Custom weekly content delivered to you:

Audio Podcast: The GROW Podcast is filled with practical takeaways around a variety of principals that the Innovation Collective community is built upon. Our methods have been refined over nearly a decade and are focused on unlocking the potential in entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, and humans who are looking for more and to give more. We’ll discuss and provide practical activities you can do in areas like: health, being a creator, relationships, vision, self talk and more.

Videos: GROW videos are 5 minute quick hits that cover a single topic that is important for creators, entrepreneurs, and humans who want to creat more value and beauty in the world. Topics like, when do you need to seek funding, managing your time, the power of sleep and more.

Ask Me Anything: AAMA’s are a chance for you and those in our Venture Studios and GROW members to submit any question you want to our team of experts. You can ask questions to experts about funding, industry trends, how to manage your diet when building a startup, or whatever else it is that you need help with. You get real-life solutions to your real-life challenges from people who have been there before.


Quarterly Pathways

The GROW Community is filled with people like us who are striving to fulfill our purpose and mission. Every quarter, the GROW community members pick one of three unique pathways that ensure we are spending time growing with others. Once you pick a pathway, the IC Grow team places you into a group that you can journey with for the next 8 weeks. Here are the pathways offered each quarter:

Explore: This is an 8 week, weekly book club that has a new book each quarter. These books are carefully selected and weekly discussion questions are developed by seasoned leadership executives and growth experts. The goal is for us to grow, expand our thinking and provide a weekly connection with people that are spending their time in a productive way.

Great 8: This is an 8 week, weekly gathering that creates time for you to explore who you are intentionally becoming or wanting to become and how your strengths and weaknesses in 8 areas of life; health, vision, self talk, finances, community investment, fun/play, grit, and relationships are impacting that. During this weekly small group gathering, you encounter an atmosphere of non judgmental and self requested accountability as you establish goals and new habits that accelerate you in life.

IC Studio: This is an 8 week, weekly gathering that helps creators like you explore your big idea, your inventions, your new company or product idea in a community of like minded people. Possibly you don’t have your product or company idea yet, that is ok and this will show you the first steps. During the process you will explore not only the product ideas, but also who you are as a creator vs. consumer.

Exclusive Experiences

Members at the Access or higher levels also get access to the most incredible experiences you can imagine:

Quarterly Summits: Imagine meeting people who have actually changed the world, spending a weekend with them, and learning their secrets to success. We fly in leading minds from a variety of fields and you benefit from their wisdom.

VIP Think Big Festival Tickets: Once a year we throw the biggest party in town and along with it we bring in 20-30 experts to deliver the most inspiring talks you can imagine. There’s parties, new tech to play with, access to leaders, and a look at the future from those acutally creating it.

Special Member Only Pop-Up Events: From time to time one of the members of our Mentor Network comes to visit us and we host an evening event where they tell us their story, share their wisdom, and inspire our minds.

Access To Other Festivals and Summits: As a member you can get free tickets to any Think Big Festival or Quarterly Summit Innovation Collective hosts around the country.

More: As if this weren’t enough we host periodic Unwind nights, Art and Culture nights, SNAP Sessions, and even the occassional group breakfast!


ReflectSpace Beta Access

We have been developing a platform called Udayos to help our communities flourish together. Part of Udayos is ReflectSpace, a piece of software that helps you see the world differently every day. A place where you can ask anonymous questions to other members and get help with areas of struggle in our lives. A place where you can help others in areas where you are strong and they are weak. ReflectSpace is like a gym membership for your personal growth that help you become a better entrepreneur, leader, community member, and overall human. Through these daily challenges, weekly reflections, and the online support network, you can achieve your best you!

ReflectSpace is in Beta and as a GROW member you will have access to it free of charge!