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Many communities are asking the question of how to engage their citizens in reshaping their economies. Some feel like the whole town has “seen better days”, others view a core segment of the community as “left out”, and a few simply have aspirations of casting a bigger vision more transformative vision to build the “emerald city”.

Regardless of what has brought you to this page, at Innovation Collective we have learned a few things that increase connectivity of a community, unlock the hidden potential in your town, and in turn create happier citizens who see how they can pursue their highest and best use. At the end of the day, our model results in better utilized community resources, more thoughtful place-making in real estate, and fresh investment dollars flowing into the town. Many of those dollars were either hiding on the sidelines due to previous poor experiences or outside capital that had never considered your town as viable.

Our work has been recognized by Google for assisting in creating one of the Digital Capitals of the United States, Brookings Institute as catalyzing the startup culture in a town to surpass all other cities in the state by 2x for startups per capita, and the Bloomberg citied one of our cities as being like San Francisco for opportunity, but not having the negative side effects.

If you’d like to explore having the Innovation Collective work with you to create a customized 3 year transformation plan, coach your town, or manage the ecosystem creation we’d be happy to discuss having you join the national network of cities.

All new communities either attend one of our two day workshop style City Summits that take a deep dive into the methods we have developed or the communities engage our team to come live in their town for two weeks, have over 150 meetings, and we produce a 20-30 page custom playbook at the end of a two month process.  

Be prepared to learn how you can engage companies like Apple, IBM, Google, and others to invest in your people, but more importantly, come open to learn methods that create a grass roots change in your citizens, economy, and future.

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