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Turning Entire Cities into Venture Studios

What if I told you that whole cities were waiting to create for your brand? Senior citizens and children in elementary schools excited to solve your problems! Not only will the impact of partnering with a developing community be positive for your brand image, it will also shock you with high value innovations and talent.

Our model focuses on activating the population base to be confident in their creativity. Once they are engaged, we focus them on a specific industry that they can solve problems for.

Our robotics and AI focused city has produced some of the most significant startups in the space that have impacted the display, manufacturing, baking, and human services space. Companies like Walmart, Apple, and Boeing have taken meaningful notice of the innovations coming out of the city.

As a brand, let us know if you would like a proposal on how we can create a custom engagement that drives unique game changing innovations just for you.

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