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Each year, Innovation Collective helps thousands of humans achieve their dreams. We match make innovators with fortune 100 brands and meet with leaders from the most valuable companies in the world. As we do this, we realized our insight and connections should continue to be used for the good of the masses. We offer many free access points, but some folks would like to dive deeper with us… much deeper. So we launched an annual private community unlike anything we could find.
Associates is that community.
As a member, you must apply and be accepted as one of the few members nationally. Once accepted, you choose areas of interest that you would like to have access to cutting edge experts and information in. From there, we have researchers who gather deep insights and package it up into a monthly report, just for you. If that research inspires you to go deeper, you can request a meeting with our experts or we will attempt to set up a 15min call with an industry expert to achieve your request.

On top of this, you receive an invite to an annual meal and reception attended by the other associates and a curated group of executives with experience at the most important companies of our time. This private experience produces connections and insights that will shift your life forever.

In addition to this, you receive access to private summits across the country, meetings with NYT Best-Selling Authors, and access to creative club/workspaces across the country.

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