About IC

We build American dream factories…and raise wolves, not unicorns.

Innovation Collective is an education and human capital company. Through curated events, mentorship, skills training, corporate partnerships, placemaking, and IC software we create grass roots social experiences that help people start and grow innovative businesses. We help people in a region become a community, learn new skills together and create vibrant places for them to work and live.

Our vision At our core, we hold a belief that all humans, regardless of education levels, race, gender, or creed, have value found in their authentic sense of self. That value needs to be shared with others. As the world has changed, the current rules of capitalism have created a convoluted pathway to success. Current market forces don’t necessarily produce an ethical system. Many citizens are disengaged and have given up hope. They wait for the government to provide a solution. Historically, great countries have been built on the spirit of revolution, then maintained by a system. We seem to have collectively lost the applied conviction that we all must participate in the success of our country and a clear understanding as to how we can contribute.

Our mission To reengage and empower those who feel most disconnected, Innovation Collective has developed a model that relies heavily on mobilizing an entire community to set personal goals, pursue new forms of education, resulting in them becoming a research and development engine for a specific industry or corporation. It is similar to the cluster model but focused on a bottom-up approach and not corporate relocation recruitment. This outsourced R&D approach engages the masses with a renewed sense of purpose which results in under activated citizens, often hard to engage for corporations, going into their basements and garages and creating together at low to no cost.